Movement Recognition

Prediction and analysis situation -  This is an AI mediator of the Prediction system, for analysis of Human behavior and autonomous machine.

Start-Up idea

Based on Deep Learning, Analytics movements of Human

We’re a small team from Ukraine – who have got a clear vision and clarity of honest intentions in the development AI.

We’re creating software and unique device based on human behavior and analytics movement. We’re building hypotheses and create triggers, alerts, and many different for AI assistants/mediator.

Why we do What we do

Human safety

Create an easy tool for human safety.

Fast notification

Real-time analysis situation

AI assistant

You are urgently alerting before the situation happens

Our prototype


The System in a smart city.

  • Solar panel
  • Unique battery charger from Solar panel 
  • Li-ion batteries (10 Ah) for night power mode 
  • From 2 and more cameras for Object Detection 
  • Two and more Direction Screens for visual alerts
  • Sound device for notification
  • Nvidia Jetson TX2 (Jetson Xavier in the future)
    • Deep Learning for classification and segregation 
      • Synchrony work with Traffic Light (detection traffic light color)
    • Unique pertained models (Neural Networks) 
    • Speed architecture for detection road situation - TensorRT
    • On/offline mode for recognition
    • Update classify model from main server 
  • 3G/LTE connection

Real-time Classification

Detection and Recognition by each urgently class.


We're using NVIDIA technology

Simulation Case

Illustrate the situation on the crossroads


Our history and plan

10 / 2018

Start ideas

1 / 2019

Software Demo

6 / 2019

Embedded / Hardware

11 / 2019

Testing on the real data



I’m convinced that we’ll reach mutually acceptable solutions if we trust our intuition to create an AI assistant’s – for Life, for Future for our Happiness



Meet our team

Ievhenii Rvachov

Co-Founder / engineer

I’m a motorcyclist / Hardware & Software Engineer. I like computer vision and prediction situation in the future.

Peter Chechko

Co-Founder / Developer

I love physical rules, writing on Python’s language, Hardware engineering, learning Neural Net on the Big DATASETs

Natalia Levickaya

Human Psychology

The biggest wrong …
if you think
Human’s behaviors are unique

We're looking for investment

You can help our team

We're creating an AI mediator / unique device based on human behavior and analytics movement/activity. We're building hypotheses and create triggers, alert, and many different for AI helpers/judges.

We'll be able to make our project faster and accurate if you help us.

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Kharkiv, Ukraine